Here's GENOVA: You're WELCOME!
a short Photographic Tour in an ancient, historical, modern seaside town

Coat of arms of the Genova town council

In 2004 Genova will be the European Capital for Culture ; another great reason to come and know (or see again!) this unusual, unbelievable, charmful town.
This website cames up from my wish to give any surfer the possibility to take a glance to some Genoa pics.
I'm a photo amateur and I've shot all pics. They aim not to be usual ones but showing - as much as possible - some different aspects of Genoa starting from "classical" town's views.
To help you to fall in love with Genoa, any place I'll show you had a short explanation (only in Italian: sorry!) and some thumbnails. If you click on these thumbnails, you can see pics at their normal size.
I hope you can realize how deep I'm in love with this remarkable town, in spite of fact I have travelled a lot and I had visit a lot of towns, both in Italy and abroad.
I wish you a nice tour and I'm waiting for you in this very ancient and modern town.

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